Recommended stores

Readmill isn’t an ebook store, so instead we’ve partnered with the best ebook stores on the web. All of them offer our Send to Readmill button, which transfers the books you buy straight to your library in one click.

  • Penguin UK

    Bestselling and award-winning books since 1935

  • Feedbooks

    New releases, free public domain books and self-published titles in 5 different languages.

  • eBookMall

    One of the world’s leading independent ebook retailers offering over 400,000 titles.

  • A Book Apart

    Brief books for people who make websites.

  • The Pragmatic Bookshelf

    Books written by developers for developers.

  • Girlebooks

    The resource for classic and contemporary ebooks by female writers.

  • Readlists

    A group of web pages, articles, recipes, anything, bundled into an e-book you can send to Readmill.

  • Rosenfeld Media

    Publishes short, practical, and useful books on user experience design.

  • Five Simple Steps

    Practical, beautiful books for web professionals.

  • The Do Book Co.

    Books that make it easier to DO stuff.

  • Unbound

    At Unbound authors pitch their ideas and you choose which books get written.

  • Frank Chimero

    A designer and illustrator’s perspective of design as a personal practice.

  • Leanpub

    Leanpub publishes in-progress ebooks, especially computer programming books.

  • Viewport Industries

    In depth interviews with the web industry’s leading lights.

  • BookRix

    Over 140,000 ebooks, mostly free, by self-published authors.


    Free ebooks for readers and smartphones.


    Crowd-funded Creative Commons licensed ebooks.

  • Jellybooks

    Thousands of great books to discover, share and sample.

  • Flipreads

    Flipreads is your source of ebooks from the Philippines and Asia.

  • Publit

    Sells content from more then 250 Swedish publishers, including Bonnier, Norstedts and more.

  • thoughtbot

    Books, screencasts, and workshops to become a better developer.

  • Tomely

    Tomely connects independent authors and publishers with adventurous readers.

  • Hacker Monthly

    One of the most widely read magazines by programmers and startup founders around the world.

  • Lybrary

    All subjects and genres with emphasis on magic, games and gambling.


    German DRM-free eBooks in the ePub format.

  • Emily Books

    An independent publisher releasing DRM-free ebooks on a monthly basis.

  • Simply Bundle

    A collection of crime, classic and history ebook bundles.

  • Easy Readers

    Skilfully and cleverly-written explorations of best practices for web professionals.

  • BiblioCrunch

    A marketplace where readers can discover non-fiction books from individual authors and publishers.

  • byeink

    Illustrated fiction ebooks available in Spanish and English.


    Books edited through their own crowd funding platform.

  • InterVarsity Press

    Publisher of Christian books covering general interest, academic and study books.

  • Turquoise Morning Press

    A small international publishing house specializing in the romance genre.

  • Eburon Academic Publishers

    Publishes academic titles and DRM-free ebooks in a wide range of disciplines.

  • Efendi Books

    Smart, succinct books for web developers.

  • Migration Handbook

    Website migrations are complex beasts. Learn how to tame them.

  • beam eBooks

    DRM-free ebooks from many genres, most in the German language.

  • Bridget Williams Books

    An award-winning independent New Zealand publisher.

  • frisch & co.

    Contemporary fiction in English-language translation.

  • Wizard's Tower Press

    Small press publisher specializing in science fiction and fantasy books.

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