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James Joyce


James Joyce's astonishing masterpiece, Ulysses, tells of the...

610 readers

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Adventures of Sherlock ...

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of twelve ...

3063 readers

Franz Kafka


"When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dream...

4235 readers

Henry David Thoreau


Walden (first published as Walden; or, Life in the Woods) is...

1473 readers

Charles Dickens

A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities (1859) is the second historical novel b...

254 readers

Agatha Christie

The Secret Adversary

Hiring themselves out as “young adventurers willing to do an...

262 readers

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of Sherlock H...

274 readers

Sigmund Freud

Dream Psychology

Dreams, in Freud's view, are all forms of "wish fulfillment"...

695 readers

Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island

While going through the possessions of a deceased guest who ...

472 readers

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tender Is the Night

A story of Americans living on the French Riviera in the 193...

366 readers

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Sign of the Four

First published in 1890, The Sign of Four is Sir Arthur Cona...

173 readers

Gustave Flaubert

Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary scandalized its readers when it was first publ...

467 readers

Jane Austen


Austen's last novel is the crowning achievement of her match...

1944 readers

Jules Verne

In the Year 2889

In the Year 2889 was first published in the Forum, February,...

595 readers

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Casebook of Sherlock Ho...

The last twelve stories written about Holmes and Watson, the...

254 readers

Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven

"The Raven" is a narrative poem by the American writer and p...

1458 readers

Wilkie Collins

The Moonstone

Widely regarded as the precursor of the modern mystery and s...

72 readers

Lawrence, D.H. (David Herbert)

Women in Love

Women in Love is a novel by British author D. H. Lawrence pu...

161 readers

Henry James

What Maisie Knew

The story of the sensitive daughter of divorced, irresponsib...

387 readers

Frank Chimero

The Shape of Design

It’s a field guide for makers, a book for the people who bel...

2536 readers